We developed our Group-wide Working Together Strategy hand-in-hand with the people we support as a meaningful and equal partnership to improve the services we provide and inspire people to take control of their recovery.

The strategy sets out what we plan to achieve over the next three years and was shaped alongside people who use our services, in order to prioritise the things that are important to them and create the biggest impact. We've broken our strategy down into four key levels.

At an individual Level

The core of Working Together is the individual.  We give people the chance to own their recovery journey, as we recognise that without buy-in and dedication from the individual, recovery could not become a reality.

To achieve this we:

  • Provide people with access to their records so they can play an active role in deciding how their support plan looks, and the goals they wish to achieve
  • Update our data systems to capture the skills, experiences and interests of people we support to see how these can be utilised to help people in their recovery.

In our services

In our operational services Working Together enables us to co-produce the way in which we provide support and ensure that it works for everyone.

We accomplish this by:

  • Ensuring people who use our services are able to influence, agree and take part in plans to improve and develop our services further
  • Encouraging involvement in the recruitment process of new members of staff and volunteers.
At an organisational level

Working Together enables us to run our organisation alongside people we support and ensure that at every level they are involved in key decisions and priorities for the organisation. This is crucial to ensuring that we communicate effectively and achieve our collective ambitions.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Co-produce our communications so that the language and approaches we use are always accessible and inclusive
  • Expand the training available to people using our services, and design and deliver our training together
  • Establish clear pathways for people using our services to engage with and be part of our management and governance structures, including our Group Board.

In society

As part of our commitment to Working Together, we’re proactive in raising awareness and challenging stigma. We’re working toward a society that values everyone living with mental ill health or the harms caused by drugs, alcohol or gambling.

This includes:

  • Enabling people to use their own voice to engage with their communities and challenge stigma
  • Shaping our digital inclusion plans together and using the skills and experiences of people using our services to help share their message digitally.

Commission us

Commission us

We have a long history of working with commissioning partners to develop ambitious, transformational approaches to delivering quality support services.

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Working Together Committee

Working Together Committee

Our Working Together Committee is just one of the ways that people using our services can get involved in the running our group.

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Volunteer with us

Volunteer with us

If you’re someone wants to give your time to help others, our partners have opportunities for you.

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