David Millard retires from Recovery Focus board

Recovery Focus would like to thank Board member David Millard for his long service to Aquarius and the Recovery Focus Group Board as he takes retirement.

After an initial degree in English and Philosophy, David worked for the Probation Service between 1963 and 1997. He worked initially in Staffordshire and latterly in the West Midlands, picking up an MA in criminology from Keele University on the way.

His many years of experience included practice, staff supervision, training, and management. In the last years of his probation experience he was particularly involved with homelessness issues in the Birmingham area.

David Millard has served in a variety of board roles in the fields of Health, Social Care, Education, Local Government as well as time as a Magistrate in the Criminal Justice System.

As Aquarius joined Recovery Focus, David provided a steady hand to support both organisations through the process. Deeply committed, David worked to ensure that Aquarius settling into the Recovery Focus group of partners was smooth and beneficial to those using Aquarius services and the dedicated Aquarius staff team.

Recovery Focus is delighted to announce that Albert Fletcher, currently an Aquarius board member, will be joining the Recovery Focus Group Board. As well as his experience with the provision of substance use services, Albert brings a broad range of experience to the group board.  He spent most of his professional life at Birmingham City Council in a variety of roles.

During his time as a board member with Aquarius, Albert has been keen to improve the experience for service users and is also keen to ensure that the workforce feel valued and are enabled to deliver the service expectation.

Group Chief Executive, Derek Caren, said:

“We are immensely grateful for David’s experience guiding and supporting both Aquarius and Recovery Focus towards transitioning into a more effective group of partners with a bright future capable of dealing with the enormous challenges of the current environment.

“At the same time I’m excited that Albert has taken up the challenge of following David and look forward to working closely with him”.