Derby mental health service receives dignity award

A mental health service in Derby has been recognised by the City Council for its work in promoting dignity for people with mental health problems.

Trevayler, a mental health service run by Richmond Fellowship, part of Recovery Focus the national group of mental health and substance misuse charities, supports people with mental health problems through supported living and a short term crisis house.

The crisis house offers short term placements an alternative to hospital admission for people experiencing a mental health crisis and has seen excellent results in helping people without the need for costly hospital admissions.

Joe Redmond, managing director for Richmond Fellowship (north), praised the team at Trevayler for their work:

“We’re thrilled to receive recognition for the hard work all of our staff do to make our service a place of dignity for the people we support.

“We pride ourselves on developing our service alongside the people we support and awards like this go to show that this approach helps us provide a level of care that is best for the people we support”

The award comes at time where mental health services around the country are under pressure from a lack of available beds for people experiencing a crisis with research showing up to 42% of people admitted could’ve been treated more appropriately at services like a crisis house.

Joe added: “The crisis houses that we provide help take the burden off NHS services and A&E departments for people who do not require such an intense level of support, but still require a safe space and professional support to tackle their crisis and develop coping strategies to mange their mental health.

“The more houses like Trevayler that we have, the more people we can support across the country and use our position in the voluntary sector to help relieve the pressure on national health services.”

Giving the award, Derby City Council said: “This is about having a clear team culture of promoting dignity with excellent local leadership. The team will be seen as a benchmark for excellence in practice and will actively share how they have embedded dignity with others.”

Will Fisher, a recovery worker at Trevayler, was also nominated as a dignity champion as part of ongoing work to promote dignity within the service. He said: “We’re thrilled to have been recognised for the work we do in promoting dignity. If we’re to make recovery reality, we must treat each person with respect, see more than a diagnosis and celebrate diversity.”

For more information on Recovery Focus and the work they do to support people living with mental health problems, visit: