Edge Hill supports mental health service users through new partnership

The number of people affected by mental health problems is rising, with one in four people in the UK experiencing mental health issues each year, and Edge Hill University has joined forces with a leading group of charities in an attempt to tackle this.

Providing a range of mental health and substance use support services across England, Recovery Focus has united with Edge Hill to forge an exciting new partnership, bringing together academics from multiple departments across the University.

Recovery Focus comprises a group of charities with the shared aim of inspiring individual recovery nationwide, with over 200 years’ combined experience of providing mental health and substance misuse services.

The charities include Richmond Fellowship, one of the largest providers of mental health support in England, and Aquarius, who help people overcome the harms caused by alcohol and drugs.

As well as providing valuable opportunities for students to obtain placements and internships, the partnership will allow the service providers to use the latest academic research and evidence to the benefit mental health of service users.

This initiative is being led by Edge Hill’s Psychology department who will be working with Recovery Focus to conduct research into the best ways to record client satisfaction and outcomes, in a bid to help cement their position as a leading charity in the sector.

“This an exciting opportunity to make a difference to the lives of people experiencing mental health difficulties,” says Derek Heim, Professor of Psychology, from Edge Hill University.  “Our research will help identify factors benefiting recovery, and ascertain what works and with whom.”

Derek Caren, Chief Executive of Recovery Focus, said:

“We’re currently working on a research strategy for Recovery Focus so organisations can improve the services they provide in the future.

“Research is a fundamental part of what we do. It enables us to build an evidence base and learn more about how we can better support the people using our services. Our new partnership with Edge Hill is an extremely exciting opportunity that will no doubt have a positive impact on people’s lives.”