Whether it’s a member of staff who goes the extra mile to support someone on their recovery journey or someone achieving one of their goals inspiring their recovery worker in their own life, people are making a difference.

To celebrate these individuals we’re sharing their inspiring stories more widely through our new Inspiring Individuals campaign. Whether it’s a member of staff, someone using our services, their wider support network or a volunteer, there’s a whole range of people making a positive contribution to our recovery mission.

People don’t have to have done the extraordinary to be inspiring. Often it’s the small acts that can have the most lasting impact and they’re the stories we’re capturing and celebrating. Our success as a group of charities is only possible by the words and actions of everyone associated with us and we want to give these inspiring individuals the recognition they deserve.

If you’ve got a positive experience you want to share or you want to nominate someone who’s inspired you then we want to hear your story. Get in touch with the communications team by emailing: