Want to get more actively involved in the work we do?

sparkys2There are a number of ways you can support Recovery Focus.


If you’re a member of the public or someone who is using or has used our services and you want to give your time to help others then Recovery Focus has opportunities for you.

Become a volunteer and you could also gain valuable skills and experience. We’re totally committed to your protection and wellbeing while you volunteer with us. Our aim is to ensure that your time, skills and commitment are used to the benefit of all, and that you enjoy the time you spend with us.

Given the geography and diversity of the services we provide, we’ve a wide range of volunteering options available.

Contact a Recovery Focus partner in your local area to find out what opportunities are currently available.


Recovery Focus is the umbrella name for our group of charities being built to support people with complex, mental health and substance misuse needs towards their recovery

Each partner is a charity in its own right and we’re grateful to anyone who chooses to make a donation or raise funds for us.

All money raised is always used for the direct benefit of the people who use our services. We can’t guarantee that money raised will go to a specific service but we’ll try our best to accommodate any requests.

For more information about how to donate or raise funds for one of the Recovery Focus partners please visit their individual websites.