Aquarius supports the families of people living with addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling. Through support families are able to address their problems, seek advice and guidance and work toward recovery

“It is a nightmare existence for everybody involved, my wife has been an alcoholic now for 30 – 40 years and there are no obvious places where you go to get help.

“If you start talking about these problems, we have a good doctor, but I think the average doctor and the average hospital don’t want to know alcoholics. I fully understand, I do understand, but you’re left on your own and you don’t know whether what you’re doing is right or wrong. The only people I’ve been able to speak to is Aquarius, because there’s nobody else.

“It means I can talk to the people here whenever I want. We talk about different ways of dealing with the problem and we try different things. It’s nice from my point of view to say ‘I’m thinking of doing this, do you think it’s a good idea or a bad idea?’

“Aquarius has tried to get my wife to do different things to get her out and to socialise because she was very active, she played squash, tennis and golf. We had a good, active social life. That came to a complete standstill. Adam’s encouraged her to come here on a Wednesday, she comes to art classes four times a week. She still drinks, sometimes she misses because she drinks. She’s become more socially aware which takes some of the pressure off me.”