Our mental health services are provided by Richmond Fellowship, one of the largest voluntary sector providers of mental health provision in England.

The charity operates a range of tailored service models in communities up and down the country. These include supported housing, community based services, residential care, crisis, employment and social enterprises.

Employment Support

Richmond Fellowship provides specialist mental health employment services across the country.

We support individuals to regain meaningful employment, training, education or volunteering opportunities that are right for them.

If an individual is already employed, our team can them to manage and retain current employment. We can help people in communicating with employers to make reasonable adjustments and provide the support needed to better manage mental wellbeing at work.

Community Based Support

Richmond Fellowship runs a number of community based services, supporting people living with mental ill health to build their confidence and self-esteem and help them to develop links within their community.

We work on an individual basis to tackle any barriers stopping individuals from living a fulfilling life. We provide holistic support in all areas affecting wellbeing including employment, finances, accommodation and social activities.

A key aspect of our community based services is that they're delivered in partnership with peer support workers, who have lived experience of mental ill health. They use their own personal experiences of recovery to provide crucial support and expertise to everyone we work with.

Supported Housing

Richmond Fellowship provides a number of supported housing services across the country, helping people transition from a residential recovery setting to independent living in their own homes. 

Our services provide people with a safe and warm home as well as access to support from Richmond Fellowship's team of highly trained recovery workers. We work on a one-to-one basis to help develop the skills and confidence of an individual to move on to independent living in the community.

Residential Support

Richmond Fellowship provides residential services to support people living with complex mental ill health, empowering residents to regain control of their lives and gain skills and confidence to move on to independent living where appropriate.

All of our care homes are CQC registered and provide round the clock support in a safe, recovery-focused environment. We work closely with the CQC to ensure our care homes are of the highest standard to support our residents and provide a safe and enjoyable place to live.

Our support is tailored to the individual's needs and interests.

Crisis Support

Richmond Fellowship provides a number of short-stay intervention services for people experiencing mental health crisis. Working in partnership with the NHS, our discreet places of sanctuary provide a calm space for people to get away from the negative influences in their lives and better manage their mental health.

Our crisis support services are designed to be welcoming and comfortable and provide a space for people to reflect and develop coping mechanisms.

We work on a one-to-one basis to develop resilience strategies and can signpost people to services that can provide ongoing support.

Social Value
We run a number of social enterprises. A social enterprise is a business with a social mission, aiming to make positive changes in the world. Profits made by social enterprises are reinvested into the community.

Richmond Fellowship operates social enterprise projects across the country to support people on their mental health recovery journey. In addition to profits being reinvested into the services we provide, our social enterprises provide employment, training and volunteering opportunities for people we support, as well as creative and garden therapies. 

If you visit one of our social enterprises, you're not just purchasing ethical, quality products, you’re also supporting your community and participating in a person’s recovery journey.

We support our social enterprise teams every step of the way as they learn new skills, interact with their community and work toward their recovery. After their time with us we support them to find full time employment with the skills and confidence they’ve gained.

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Get Involved

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Working for us

We’re always seeking talented, enthusiastic individuals to join us. We employ around 1,200 people across nearly 200 services.

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Our Partners

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