Recovery Focus welcomes new Alcohol Guidelines

Recovery Focus welcomes the first full guidelines on alcohol for 20 years published today by Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies.

The new guidance states there’s no such thing as a safe drinking level. Responding to today’s announcement Annette Fleming, chief executive of substance misuse support charity Aquarius, a Recovery Focus partner, said:

 “We welcome these new guidelines as they aim to reduce consumption, encourage people to understand more about the harmful impacts and challenge the culture of heavy drinking.

“It’s estimated that the cost of alcohol related harm is approximately £21bn and as today’s new guidance shows is linked to an increased risk of cancer no matter how much alcohol you consume.”

The new guidelines also recommend that men should not drink more than 14 units of alcohol each week, the same level as for women, advise pregnant women not to drink at all and if people do drink at all that it should be moderately with three or more days alcohol-free.

 Ms Fleming added: “We support the advice that people should abstain from alcohol three days a week as it gives the liver a rest from processing the toxins in alcohol. Alcohol in excess is a poison and we must all be aware of this. We all need the right information to make choices about responsible drinking.

“Hopefully these new guidelines will provide opportunity for society to review its relationship with alcohol and, if coupled with a hard hitting information campaign, will bring about the sort of behavioural changes that we have seen following seat belt and smoking campaigns in the past.”

The full guidelines are available here.