This week it is Volunteers Week across the UK. At Recovery Focus we want to mark the week by celebrating and thanking all our volunteers for their support – particularly amidst a pandemic A huge thank you to all our volunteers across the group for all your support and dedication this past year! 

We have more than 150 people volunteering with us, and many of them are people we support or have supported in the past. It is so important for us to have clear pathways for people who use our services to later become peers, volunteers and employees. Many of our volunteers have lived experience or are family members and bring with them a multitude of skills, knowledge and experience. Their experiences give us invaluable insight and can provide inspiration and hope to other people using our services, helping them move forward in their journey. 

Working Together and co-production is an important part of the Recovery Focus ethos, so working with our volunteers and involving them in decision making processes is important to usWe involve volunteers in many aspects of our services including being part of our Working Together Committee who feed into our Board of Trustees. We always want to hear from our volunteers and for them to feel a full part of our Group – helping us to grow our services and our volunteering programme. 

This week we are looking forward to hearing from our volunteers on our social media accounts across the Group. They will be sharing their favourite memories of volunteering with us, how their volunteering experience changed during the pandemic and much more. 

Make sure you are following the Recovery Focus social media as well as our partner organisations; AquariusRichmond Fellowship and DVIP on Twitter. Don’t forget to like the Aquarius and Richmond Fellowship Facebook pages too to ensure you don’t miss any of our volunteers highlights and stories about volunteering with us across the Recovery Focus Group! 

And if you’re interested in volunteering with us, you can find out more here: Volunteer With Us ( 

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