Our recovery philosophy

We are Recovery Focus, a group of charities with the shared aim to inspire recovery together.

Expert Partners

Our national group of charities bring together organisations with strong individual services, innovative approaches, flexible local presence and a wide range of expertise from around England.

Between us we’ve a track record of more than 200 years of developing and running personalised services that work with people with mental health, substance use and other complex needs to achieve their ambitions. Each partner organisation has its own rich history of success but together we believe we can lead the way in evidence-based recovery pathways that we can tailor to meet local and individual needs.

We recognise we’re often only one part of someone’s recovery journey so we liaise closely with those agencies who may already be working with an individual to ensure a smooth transition into and out of our services.

Between us we’ve a track record of more than 200 years of developing and running personalised services

We proactively pursue opportunities to work with other like minded organisations to create more integrated packages of support to achieve better outcomes for individuals. We continue to develop collaborative partnerships with local authorities, the NHS, police, prison and probation services, other voluntary sector providers, housing associations and academic institutions.

Inspiring Recovery Together

We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to take control over their life and to develop new meanings and purposes. We concentrate on the person and their individual needs, choices and aspirations, rather than on diagnostic categories or labels, and tailor what we do accordingly.

One of our founding principles is that we work with the people we support as equal partners to design, plan and provide services together. We recognise that we all have valuable skills, knowledge, experience and resources that could improve the quality of life for individuals and our communities. We harness this by creating opportunities for people to be more actively involved at all levels of the work that we do including:

  • Individuals’ own recovery support plans
  • How our services are run
  • How our organisations are run
  • Raising awareness of mental health and substance misuse issues and challenging stigma in society.

Find out more about our Working Together strategy.