We are Recovery Focus, a group of charities highly experienced in providing specialist support services to individuals and families living with the effects of mental ill health, drug and alcohol use, gambling and domestic violence.

SUPPORTING people on their recovery journey

At Recovery Focus, we know that one size cannot and does not fit all, and we pride ourselves on working with the people who use our services to create a plan that works for them. We support people to get their life back and find ways to cope with challenges.

We support people experiencing domestic abuse, mental ill health and substance misuse to get their life back.

All of our partners at Recovery Focus share a rich history of providing support to people when they need it most.

While we are extremely proud to be able to offer crucial support to individuals and their loved ones, we also recognise that we are often just one part of a person’s recovery journey.

We work closely with other organisations so that we can provide the very best services and achieve better outcomes for the people we support.

Our Approach

Our group approach means we are able to bring together a number of organisations who have vast experience of providing a range of different specialist support services and share the knowledge and experience we have gained over many years for the benefit of the people we support.

But we cannot stand still. While we are extremely proud of the services we provide, we recognise that the world is ever changing and that means we have to find new and innovative ways in which to inspire recovery together.

Whether it is through dedicated research programmes or working collaboratively with new partners, we are committed to inspiring quality of life, whatever that means to each individual.

Growing together

Recovery Focus provides bold and innovative services to support people. 

"I think the difference we can make is very subtle. You can do all the practical things like maximising someone’s benefits or accompanying them to appointments but I think the real work is in spending time, showing an interest and sharing experiences. I’m a great believer in us all being here together, that we’re all equal; I’m really keen to break down barriers so we can relate to each other. It’s about treating people with respect, not focusing on what’s wrong with someone but on what’s good about their life." Stephen, Recovery Worker

Working Together

Working Together

Our approach is based on the principle of co-production, which means creating something together.

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Our Partners

Our Partners

Our partners have a rich history and vast experience of providing successful recovery support across the country.

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How we're run

How we're run

The purpose of our Board is to lead, direct, and monitor activities of the group partners.

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