All of our services are tailored to local communities and contexts, and personalised for everyone who accesses support. They fall into two broad categories: early intervention and complex needs.

Early intervention

Our early intervention services consist of training, advice and brief interventions and services to people who use drugs, alcohol or gambling.

Early intervention services include:

  • Screening and brief advice, a short 10-20 minute session providing information on alcohol, drugs and gambling
  • Brief interventions, offering up to six sessions of structured support and help accessing other services as needed for alcohol, drug and gambling problems
  • Group work through a six-session Life Change course providing information and advice
  • Alcohol, drug and gambling awareness training to professionals, agencies and community groups
  • Information on our website, including self-help materials
  • Advice and information at health events, festivals and targeted promotional events
  • Family support, providing advice and support to families affected by a loved one’s drug, alcohol or gambling use
  • Brief interventions and advice for those arrested for alcohol related offences
  • Education and rehabilitation through our DRIVE course for those convicted of drink driving offences.

We have services specifically supported young people, and services tailored for BAME communities.

Complex Needs Services

Our complex needs service include a range of provisions, including:

  • Comprehensive assessment and care-planning using a case management approach
  • Assessment and referral for detoxification and residential rehabilitation
  • A structured 12-week programme of interventions and 1:1 support
  • Healthcare reviews to coordinate and inform all agencies working with an individual about their progress and ongoing needs, to ensure a planned and holistic approach
  • Aftercare support and groups including relapse prevention
  • Self-help and mutual aid groups
  • Activity groups, including gardening, walking and art
  • Intensive family support for families where there are child protection concerns and alcohol is a significant factor.

Aquarius has always been at the forefront of innovation in its service design and delivery.

Since its inception in 1977, Aquarius has used evidence-based research to shape it's services and work with people to challenge the behaviours which lead to the use of drugs, alcohol and gambling.

Aquarius has proudly maintained its commitment to research and evaluation and the development of evidence-based effective practice over the past 40 years, being involved in some crucial research initiatives including:

  • The United Kingdom Alcohol Treatment Trial exploring whether or not motivationally-based treatment is as effective as the more intensive socially-based treatment
  • Involving Family Members, a recent research project delivered in partnership with Bath and Birmingham universities exploring the impact of involving family members in an individual’s treatment
  • AERC Route 50, a piece of national research looking at community responses to excessive drinking and alcohol related disorders
  • Alcohol and Older People, focusing on the needs of over-60s and how best to respond to their use of alcohol
  • Alcohol and the Sikh Community, a piece of research funded by Aquarius and carried out by Professor Sarah Galvani to develop a community alcohol intervention model
  • Time Of My Life, a project funded by the Big Lotter ‘Silver Dreams’ to develop Aquarius’ work with older people and to produce an intervention model that can be applied nationally
  • End of Life Care for Alcohol Related Liver Disease, research carried out by Manchester Metropolitan University.

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