Social enterprise services offer a different approach to recovery than our other models, and are a powerful way to meet the needs of communities as well as the needs of people who use our services.

In addition to the therapeutic element, they offer ‘something different’, supporting people on their recovery journeys by providing employment, training, volunteering, and creative opportunities.

We develop our social enterprise services based on the needs and desires of local communities, so no two services operate the same way. Some are social enterprises in the traditional sense, selling products and services with profits reinvested into the service or the wider organisation; others defy neat classification, but provide unique social value to their communities.

These innovative, community-led services are part of our strategic priorities to broaden the range of support we offer and ensure that the people we support are at the heart of everything we do

We have found that commissioners increasingly want added value and greater personalisation in services, with demonstrated positive social outcomes. We feel that our social enterprises are a powerful way to meet these needs.

How do our social enterprises support recovery?

Each social enterprise service is unique, so the experience of people using each service varies. However, informal internal evaluation has found common benefits across our social enterprises.

  • A feeling of inclusion, feeling part of something rather than simply being a patient, employee, or service user; and contributing to a wider cause boosting self-worth
  • Increasing confidence as well as developing practical skills through interacting with others and achieving something concrete
  • A focus on being part of something not being treated
  • Holistic support not limited to mental health or substance use, but supporting individuals across all aspects of their life
  • Calming and positive atmosphere making involvement with the social value service a highlight of their day or week, and providing something to channel energy into
  • A variety of ways to be involved in addition to the main purpose of the social enterprise, including courses, trips, service user forums, and helping to organise events.

Learn more about each of our social enterprise services and find out how to commission or partner with us.

Our Social Enterprises

Our Social Enterprises

The support provided by each of our social enterprises is unique, both in what they offer to individuals and their local community.

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Commission Us

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