The belief that recovery is possible for everyone is at the heart of everything we do here at Recovery Focus.

Each of our partner organisations is driven by this shared belief and their ongoing commitment and dedication to recovery has enabled them to deliver vital support services to individuals and communities for many years.

Our partners have a rich history and vast experience of providing successful support to people living with mental ill health, drug, alcohol and gambling abuse, and domestic violence.

By bringing together and sharing our skills and expertise, we believe in building upon our successes in order to provide a whole breadth of support and outcomes for the people using our services.

Richmond Fellowship is a national charity that supports over 9,000 people living with mental ill health every year.

Founded in 1959, Richmond Fellowship has been at the forefront of mental health provision for nearly 60 years, successfully supporting people from all walks of life to make mental health recovery a reality.

Richmond Fellowship holds a firm belief that mental health recovery is a journey that differs from person to person. While there is no single definition of recovery, the achievement of the best possible quality of life for each individual lies at the heart of everything the organisation does.

Mental ill health affects people in different ways and can have a significant impact upon the different aspects of a person’s life.

Richmond Fellowship therefore takes a person-centred approach to recovery and provides a range of support services that are tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

Find out more about the different mental health support services Richmond Fellowship provides.

Aquarius is a unique charity that has over 40 years’ experience supporting individuals, families, organisations and communities to overcome the physical, emotional and psychological harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Since its inception in 1977, Aquarius has used evidence based research to shape services that enable them to work with people and challenge the behaviours which lead to the use of drugs, alcohol and gambling.

Aquarius recognises that alcohol, drug and gambling use does not just affect individuals.

More often than not, the consequences of these behaviours also have a great impact on families, friends and loved ones and Aquarius prides itself on delivering services that offer support to those affected.

The recovery ethos is at the heart of the services Aquarius provides and this drives their commitment to work alongside the people they support to discover new passions, meet new people and identify ways in which to challenge problem behaviours for a better future.

Find out more about the different drug, alcohol and gambling support services Aquarius provides.

My Time is a bespoke division of Richmond Fellowship which provides domestic violence and specialist counselling support services across the Midlands. These services are supported by a highly trained, multicultural and multilingual staff team who are able to work effectively across a diverse community.

The team are all registered members of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) which means they are well placed to provide the very best levels of support to the people they work with.

Every service provided by the team is underpinned by specialised research models and techniques to ensure that support is provided in a sensitive manner to individuals and families affected by domestic violence.

Find out more about the different domestic violence support services Richmond Fellowship’s My Time division provides.

The Domestic Violence Intervention Project (DVIP) is a bespoke division of Richmond Fellowship.

DVIP is an organisation dedicated to ending domestic abuse and all forms of violence. DVIP takes a feminist, gendered response and analysis of domestic abuse, which is embedded throughout their working practices, external voice and partnerships.

DVIP is an activist and campaigning organisation as much as it is a service provider. While DVIP’s services are central to their work, they are not simply about providing services or changing perceptions. As illustrated through a long and proud history over the last 25 years.

DVIP provides a range of services across London for perpetrators who have been violent to their partner and for individuals who have suffered domestic violence. DVIP also supports parents and children affected by domestic violence.

The DVIP team designs specific training courses for professional organisations and works with them as advisors to support the development of an organisation’s domestic violence practice.

Find out more about DVIP's services across London.

Legacy Partners

Since the launch of the Recovery Focus group in 2015, a number of other partner charities have joined and subsequently decided to merge fully with Aquarius or Richmond Fellowship, they are:

  • Croftlands
  • CAN
  • 2Care
The Future Of Our Group

We have ambitions to grow and are always looking for like minded organisations to join our Group and help us to inspire recovery together.

Find out more about joining Recovery Focus.

Mental health

Mental health

We provide a wide range of mental health services across England.

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We provide gambling, alcohol and drug support services throughout the Midlands.

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We provide domestic violence and specialist counselling services throughout the Midlands and London.

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