Championing Lived Experience

World Mental Health Day is an annual event that provides a platform to raise awareness about mental health issues and promote mental wellbeing worldwide.

At Recovery Focus, we believe that lived experience is a powerful and valuable resource in the mental health community and an incredible asset to the work done within our services.

In celebration of World Mental Health Day today (Tuesday 10 October), we want to highlight the stories of individuals who have overcome mental health challenges and are now thriving. As part of our campaign, we’re sharing a personal story of lived experience and a press release for Aimee Wilson's inspiring new book, "You're NOT Disordered".

“Mental illness doesn’t just ‘go away’ and ‘recovery’ isn’t linear; I think it’s important to remember that; so that people don’t lose hope if they begin struggling again after a stable period” Aimee
"I'm NOT Disordered" by Aimee Wilson

Aimee has been a service user of Richmond Fellowship since 2014 and over the years she’s been involved in chairing our Working Together Forums, facilitated workshops and is part of the Working Together Committee. A year before she became a service user, Aimee created her mental health blog; I’m NOT Disordered where she talks honestly and openly about her mental health journey to over 1.2 million readers. Read her story here...

You’re NOT Disordered: The Ultimate Wellbeing Guide for Bloggers will be available to buy on Amazon from November 18th, 2023. For more information:

“Richmond Fellowship and the services it provides has transformed my life completely and enabled me to leave my debilitating mental health issues in the past.” Karl
Personal Story of Lived Experience

We believe that individuals who have faced mental health challenges firsthand have unique insights and empathy that can help others on their recovery journey. To honour this principle, we would like to introduce you to Karl, our Peer Support Coordinator, who has shared his personal story of lived experience. Read his story here...

This World Mental Health Day, we celebrate the strength and wisdom of those with lived experience of mental health challenges. Karl's inspiring journey and Aimee Wilson's impactful book, "You're NOT Disordered," remind us that recovery is possible and that there is hope for everyone. At Recovery Focus, we remain committed to fostering a community that values lived experience and supports individuals in their path to mental wellbeing.

Join us in spreading awareness and understanding about mental health on this important day.

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